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Here are resources related to the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) trade law

1. **ArentFox Schiff**: Provides an overview of the UFLPA, including its implications for various sectors and the UFLPA Entity List. It also discusses the enforcement timeline and impact on Withhold Release Orders (WROs). For more detailed insights, visit [ArentFox Schiff].

2. **Miller & Chevalier**: Offers guidance on how companies can prepare for UFLPA compliance, including the importance of due diligence and the use of the UFLPA Dashboard for risk assessment. The article also discusses CBP’s approach to admissibility reviews and enforcement focus areas. Explore further at [Miller & Chevalier].

3. **Alston & Bird**: Discusses de minimis shipments, documentation requirements for proving supply chains are free of Xinjiang content, and the use of new technologies for supply chain transparency. It also touches on due diligence for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) members and the automated detention process. Detailed information is available at [Alston & Bird].

4. **Customs & International Trade Law Blog**: Offers updates and guidance on various trade law matters, including the UFLPA. While specific articles on the UFLPA were not directly quoted, this resource regularly publishes relevant trade news and legal insights. Visit [Customs & International Trade Law Blog] for updates and analysis.

5. **Bloomberg Law**: Provides a commercial and professional perspective on the UFLPA, discussing its impact on US-China trade, particularly for small- and medium-sized enterprises. It addresses the challenges and discussions within the trade community since the UFLPA’s implementation. For comprehensive coverage, check [Bloomberg Law].

These resources offer a range of perspectives and detailed information on the UFLPA, from legal analyses and compliance strategies to updates on enforcement actions and technology applications for supply chain transparency.