Rezylient Trade Disruption Insurance

Rezylient Insurance provides coverage for expenses you may incur during a UFLPA Detention.  Don’t be caught off-guard!  Start your application today

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Unlike traditional Business Interruption Insurance which requires the occurrence of physical damage, Rezylient Trade Disruption Insurance (RTDI)  insures the costs and expenses resulting from a detention under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA).

With new emerging trade laws and opaque supply chains, RTDI provides risk transfer and risk management – (origin verification science) for importers.  We help protect importers with complex supply chains of foods, beverages, textiles, fashion and apparel, PVC, commodities, chemicals, polysilicon, and mined materials with a view toward more sustainable sourcing practices.

Tailor-made for your business, RTDI protects your balance sheet when traditional Property & Casualty insurance solutions cannot.

RTDI is critical in protecting  your financial position by mitigating unforeseen expenses due to CBP (U.S. Custom and Border Protection) UFLPA detention. The loss must result from the occurrence of an “insured event”, which is receiving a UFLPA Detention Notice.

Losses covered can include storage of detained entry, attorney fees, consultant fees, demurrage, drayage fees, exam fees, extra costs and expenses including supply chain tracing subject to agreement by underwriters.

Up to 25% of the individual shipment’s insured amount can be advanced to cover immediate costs. Our policy wording has been developed with Tokio Marine Kiln Lloyd’s syndicate and provides coverage not available in the market.



    Spice Importer

Client suppliers are from India, but the same spices are also grown in Xinjiang China and targeted by CBP.

Due to risk, our client suffers severe losses of unforeseen expenses with a UFLPA Detention Notice and Applicability Review for CBP, in order to have entry of spices released into the US market.

     Luxury Fashion Designer Importer

The client relies on suppliers in Brazil for cotton. Cotton is also grown in Xinjiang, China and is targeted by CBP. Client receives a UFLPA Detention Notice and must present an Applicability Review to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Client suffers unforeseen, and unplanned expenses with the UFLPA Detention and prolonged review process.

Our insurance coverage offers an innovative risk transfer solution for unplanned expenses that importers will incur if detained

Both the risk transfer and risk management offerings are aimed at addressing the discovery of forced labor in your supply chains. We assist importers with ongoing compliance, whether to remediate, decouple, or diversify away from forced labor prone areas.