how it works

Underwriting capacity is offered by Tokio Marine Kiln, Lloyd’s of London Syndicate.

Rezylient Insurance – We offer insurance coverage to cover expenses you may incur for a UFLPA Detention such as storage, demurrage, drayage, attorney fees, consultant fees, tracing, and expense associated with a detention, subject to underwriting approval.  We can provide limits of coverage up to a $20M annual aggregate – based on your business and exposure.  Certificates of insurance are offered on a per shipment basis. We can provide coverage as an endorsement to your cargo policy or you can purchase it directly.



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The claims trigger is receipt of a UFLPA Detention Notice from CBP. 

Along with the UFLPA Detention Notice, the AMS log and CBP Form 7501 along with receipts of expenses up to the limit insured in your certificate of insurance must  be submitted for payment of the claim. 

With underwriting approval a fast payment can be made to cover initial expenses. (Losses covered can include storage of detained entry, attorney fees, consultant fees, demurrage, drayage fees, exam fees, extra costs and expenses including supply chain tracing subject to agreement by underwriters.)


Coverage starts at 40% of the value of the goods for each shipment detained and can go up to an annual aggregate limit of $20M