Rezylient Insurance provides coverage for expenses incurred during a UFLPA Detention.  Don’t be caught off-guard. 


Use our holistic solution with Trade Disruption insurance and FloraTrace Risk Management tools to help navigate supply chain complexities, including coverage for unplanned UFLPA detention expenses. 
Our aim is to enhance transparency, ensure compliance, and strengthen commitments to sustainable sourcing.

Risk Management

What type of Risk management and Human Rights Due Diligence do you have in place?  What types of materials are you importing? Do you map or trace your supply chain? 
Even if you aren’t currently using FloraTrace, but you have a risk management program in place,  Rezylient can provide coverage for unplanned UFLPA expenses.
Let us help you determine the coverage and resources you need with Rezylient Trade Disruption Insurance.

Don’t ship before you have Rezylient Trade Disruption insurance. 

What's your risk of a UFLPA Detention?

benefits of a Rezylient risk management program

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proactive risk management
“In an increasingly complex and globalized world, importers need to be prepared for any eventuality. Rezylient Trade Disruption insurance is not just a safety net, it’s a tool for proactive risk management. It’s an essential coverage for any importer looking to safeguard their operations and reputation in the US market.” 
– Ed Gaze, IRL (Innovative Risk Labs) Lloyd’s of London Broker.

Ed Gaze

CEO IRL, Broker at Lloyd’s

gain deeper insights

“Rezylient Trade Disruption insurance is a game-changer for importers. It not only provides financial protection against unforeseen detentions, but also offers a unique solution to gain deeper insights into their supply chains. This innovative product is a testament to our commitment to driving positive change in the industry.” Rob Jarvis – Head of Innovation, TMK (Tokio Marine Kiln) 


Rob Jarvis

Head of Innovation, Tokio Marine Kiln

Should be mandatory coverage

Through a proprietary underwriting rating algorithm, Rezylient helps filter out imports that may include forced labor.  This affordable coverage provides reduction in the risk of detention, financial relief in that event, and supports preserving reputational risk. The purchase of this insurance should be part of an importer’s mandatory coverage. 


Rob Fishman

Past Chief Underwriting Officer, Zurich North America

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